Set The Tone Book


Modern philosophies
for everyday growth

Each week, we create a unique intention to help set ourselves up for success, honor our feelings, and frame challenges through the lens of growth. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re releasing a physical compilation of our greatest hits.


Set the Tone is our way of prioritizing mental wellbeing as a core tenet of our business philosophy. This book features 52 of our most memorable, inspiring tones alongside interpretations by 52 changemaking artists. Each unique piece of artwork brings life and dimension to our intentions, sparking important conversations, challenging our ways of thinking, and setting a positive tone for our work and our lives.


COVL - Ken Kelleher - Bella McGoldrick - Humberto Cruz - Rabatho Laka- Cécilia Poupon - Hollie Fuller Ash Navaratnam - Tom Abbiss Smith - Supinatra - Lou Benesch - Jp Bonino - Sem Viersen - Saxon Campbell / Unspoken Agreement Captvart - Fran Caballero - Alexandria Hall - Paula Codoner - Antonia Figueiredo -
Alexandra Houx Grounds - Jasmina Zornić - Cokorda Martin - Kylie Kowalske - Farryn Weiner - Jazmin Yvette Yumul Reyes - Fatchurofi Muhammad - Corey Paige - Gab Bois - Helga Stentzel - Dajana Bogojević - Carmen García Gordillo - Joe Horner - Norte Branding - Austyn Weiner - Rob Woodcox -
Ekaterina Shukshina - Princella Seripenah - Ryan Miller Sofia Avaltroni - Kate Burden - Minali Chatani Casalaina - Allisan Salazar - Mikaël Barelaud Eludut - Hannah Polskin - Cy Tone - Gaia Barnatan - Anna Bu Kliewer - Alex Hyner - 2D.Pete - Jermaine Saunders - Robin Kannard - Lily Reeves -


  • Project Healthy Minds is a millennial-driven non-profit startup focused on tackling the growing mental health crisis in the United States.

    The problem they are solving:

    615 million people worldwide and 65 million Americans are diagnosed with a mental health condition, and yet 60% never get mental health support. There are three drivers of this "treatment gap": (1) the stigmatization of the health topic, (2) people don’t know how to access care, and (3) insurance constraints and a workforce shortage preclude too many people from being able to afford care.

  • What they do:

    Project Healthy Minds has built a digital discovery marketplace for mental health services — to make it easier to find support. To take their mission a step further, they’re currently building an unprecedented national ad campaign featuring influential creators, celebrities, and influencers in order to provide education, destigmatize mental health issues, and meet people where they actually are.