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Farrynheight is 30-person, female-founded and female-led brand and marketing team on a mission to raise values-driven brands. We operate at the intersection of a creative agency and brand marketing team developing personalized strategies and execution plans for our extended family of world-class brands, organizations, and thought leaders.

At Farrynheight, we’re committed to sharing each Set the Tone weekly on our social channels as a means to  opening dialogue around mental health and welcoming our extended community to join the conversation.

Farrynheight Podcast

Welcome to the Farrynheight Podcast, an audio destination at the intersection of life and work. Here we tackle how to simultaneously grow and manage your brand, your team, and your life. Here we celebrate the blurred lines between founders and followers, brand architects and life-livers, problem solvers, and go-getters.

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A big thank you to every person who helped bring this book to life.

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